Liberty Weather

Difference from 2016

High Temp        -1.14°

Low Temp        +0.03°

Avg. Temp        -0.56°

Precip.               +5.21”

Snow                +17.35”

High Gust         +0.32mph

Humidity           +1.43%

Dew Point          +0.37°

Barometer        -0.40mb

Degree Days       +98.0

Cool Deg Days    -86.5

20 Year Avg.

High Temp    54.41°

Low Temp    38.04°

Avg. Temp    46.23°

Precip.          40.07”

Snow            86.59”

High Gust     19.63mph

Humidity      71.76%

Dew Point    36.38°

Barometer  1012.29mb

Degree Days   7252.64

Cool Deg Days   399.40

(Barometer is 16 year avg)

2017 Vs. Average

High Temp   +0.71°

Low Temp    +0.52°

Avg. Temp   +0.61°

Precip.         -7.14”

Snow           +1.66”

High Gust    -1.53mph

Humidity      -0.76%

Dew Point    -0.30°

Barometer  +1.01mb

Degree Days  -178.84

Cool Deg Days +46.70

2017 Averages

High Temp                55.12°

Low Temp                 38.16°

Avg. Temp                 46.84°

Precip.                       32.93”

Snow                       88.25"

High Wind Gust    18.10 mph

Humidity                    71.00%

Dew Point                  36.68°

Barometer           1013.30mb

Degree Days           7073.8

Cool Deg Days          446.1

Red= record high since 1998

Blue= record low since 1998

2017 Notes

Start with the end.

The final five days of the year all set record low temperatures. The average temp for the year fell 0.66°.  Looking at usual moves, this final cold shot lowered the 2017 average temp by about 0.3° more than usual.

With 20 years of data, these averages are now a set base for me, until I have 25 years of data.

This year had 34 record high temps and 14 record lows.  Five of the record lows were the last days of the year.

There were 31 days that set records for warmest low temp of that date.  Example is October 5.  The low was 58.5°.  The previous record holder was in 2001 which had a low of 57.4°.  The average low is 46.6°.

The year also set record for cold high temps with 23 of them.  That is the high temp of the day was the lowest for that date. Five of them were also the last days of the year.

We had six months that were much warmer than average and four that were much colder than average. Two months were average.

Monthly temperature rankings for this year are:

(1st is warmest, 20th is coldest)

January   2nd

February   3rd (tie)

March   19th

April   5th

May   17th

June   6th

July   12th 

August   10th

September   2nd

October   1st

November   16th

December   20th


The year was heading for the driest year in my data but the final week of October with 6” of rain made quite a difference.  The year only has two years lower, 2001 and 2016 which was the driest by quite a bit.  The top rain storm of the year was not the storm that knocked out power for a large section of Maine.  That was a few days later.


The average top gust of the day was up a bit but the trend is still calmer than average.  I have wondered if it is tree growth near the house, but have been taking some out for firewood at a pretty steady pace so not sure if that is a factor.

Okay, I’ll wrap this up because I have been spending most of my time on the 20th summary which has my attention.  I have more charts done for that that is probably healthy :D


Highs & Lows

High Temp                95.1° (May 18)

Low Temp                -9.1° (Dec. 30)

Precipitation             4.35” (Oct 25/26)

Snow                        19.00" (Feb. 12/13)

High Wind Gust     52 mph (Jan. 11)

High Dew Point        74.0°  (July 2) 

Low Dew Point         -21.0° (Mar. 11)

Barometer  High      1037.8 (Jan. 10)

Barometer Low          977.3 (Mar. 15)

Precipitation Days    162