Daily Data

High Temp               51.9°

Low Temp                -9.1°

Top Rain Storm       0.99" (12/5-6)

Top Snow Storm        5.50” (twice)

High Wind Gust        49 mph

Lowest Windchill     -23°

High Dew Point        51.9°      

Low Dew Point         -19.0°

Barometer  H/L        1032.0/982.1

Precipitation Days    15

Difference from last month (Nov 2017)

High Temp       -17.03°

Low Temp       -14.29°

Avg. Temp       -15.66°

Precip.             -0.87”

Snow               +21.40”

High Gust         0.00mph

Humidity          +3.27%

Dew Point        -14.54°

H Degree Days  +513.9

C Deg Days        0

Barometer       -2.39mb

To view my compilation of Lowest Pressures recorded in The Atlantic Basin click HERELowest_Pressure_in_Atlantic_Basin.htmlLowest_Pressure_in_Atlantic_Basin.htmlshapeimage_1_link_0

Difference from 2016

High Temp         -4.95°

Low Temp          -4.39°

Avg. Temp         -4.67°

Precip.               -0.31”

Snow                  -3.30”

High Gust          +0.13 mph

Humidity            -0.77%

Dew Point          -5.05°

Degree Days     +144.95

Cooling Days      0

Barometer         -0.47mb

December Notes...

    The temperatures in the final week of the month impacted not only monthly numbers but the yearly numbers in a larger then usual way.  The yearly impact will be touched on in the 2018 summary when that is done.

    This was the coldest December in my data....which has now reached 20 years.

Before I get into the details, here is the December moving average.


    December of 1998 and 1999 were warm, but not over 30°.  In the first ten years there were two Decembers with average temps over 30°.  In the next decade there were also two.  Of the months I have done a moving average for December is the first with no trend.  I actually expected it to be June, but I plan on doing trends for each month in the yearly summary, which could be separated out to a 20 year summary if it gets too long.

    This final 5 days of the month are the story.  There were no record high temps set but five record lows set in December.  The last one was set about 15 minutes to midnight on New Year’s Eve.  The record was -7.0° set in my first year of 1998.  That year the temps were not recorded to the tenth of a degree.  New Year’s Eve (to midnight) the low went to -7.5°, dropping 0.3° with 20 seconds left in the year.

The 2017 count is 34 record highs and 13 record lows.

    The average December temp fell more than 4° in the final five days of the month. December 27th was the last day we hit double digits with a high temp of 10.7°.

    Ending the way it did, it is tough to grasp that the year was warmer than average...but those final 5 days pulled down the yearly number quite a bit as well.

    Several Small Storms

    There were several small snow storms here in December.  The Christmas Day storm of 5.5” was strange.  Reports to the east, west and north were all higher than we had here.  However there was a swath from Bath through Appleton to here that did not get over 6”.  The temperature for the storm never hit 20° but there were at least two times when sleet was hitting the windows.  For a very cold storm the snow packed a lot of moisture to it.

    Strange Data Month

    There were three ties this month.  The least strange one is snowfall tied with December, 2001.  The humidity tied with December, 2003 at 72.97%.  The last tie was the average top wind gust tied with last month, November at 19.87mph.

    Moving On to Looking Back...

    As usual for December notes, they get cut short to get into working on the yearly wrap-up, with this year being a big one....or I could simply remember that I’m only 2/3 of the way to the standard base of a 30 year average. :)


Season snowfall amounts:

(Highest to Lowest)

’14-’15     148.25”

'07-'08    135.90"

'00-'01    126.98"

'10-'11    125.10"

’12-’13    100.70"

’16-’17      93.65 "

'08-'09      90.25"

'01-'02      85.15"

’13-’14      82.95"

'06-'07      82.65"

'03-'04      78.75"

'98-'99      78.65"

'09-'10      78.45"

'02-'03      74.00"

’11-’12      68.70"

’17-’18     65.15"

'99-'00      64.90"

'05-'06      50.35"

’15-’16       50.10"

'04-'05      44.77"

(thru 2/18)

Nineteen season

average: 87.38"

Liberty Weather, December 2017

2017 Weather Summary2017_Weather.html

December Rankings

(out of 20):

High Temp  20th

Low Temp 20th

Avg Temp 20th

Precip   17th

Snow 8th (tie)

Avg Top Wind 15th

Humidity  14th (tie)

Dew Point 19th

Degree Days  1st

Cooling Days  --

2017 Vs. Average

High Temp    -5.69°

Low Temp     -6.89°

Avg. Temp     -6.29°

Precip.           -1.01”

Snow             +1.97”

High Gust      -1.66mph

Humidity       -1.61%

Dew Point     -6.68°

Degree Days   +194.94

Cooling Days       0

Stickney Hill

2017 Averages

High Temp              28.33°

Low Temp               13.57°

Avg. Temp               20.95°

Precip                        2.21”

Snow                       21.55”

High Wind Gust       19.87 mph

Humidity                    72.97%

Dew Point                  13.08°

Degree Days           1365.65

Cooling Deg Days        0 

Barometer           1013.33 mb

Red= record high since 1998

Blue= record low since 1998

*= All-time

20 Year Avg.

High Temp      34.02°

Low Temp       20.46°

Avg. Temp       27.24°

Precip.               3.22”

Snow                19.58”

High Gust         21.53mph

Humidity           74.58%

Dew Point         19.76°

Degree Days    1170.71

Cooling Days           0

(avg 1998-2017)

Moving Avg December Temp

Dec Avg Temp 27.24°