Daily Data

High Temp               76.1°

Low Temp                32.9°

Top Rain Storm       4.60" (10/24-26)

High Wind Gust        51 mph

Lowest Windchill     31°

High Dew Point        68.4°      

Low Dew Point         27.1°

Barometer  H/L        1036.5/984.2

Degree Days             260.5

Precipitation Days    10

Difference from last month (Sept 2017)

High Temp       -8.63°

Low Temp       -7.16°

Avg. Temp       -7.89°

Precip.             +4.51”

Snow                    --

High Gust         +6.47mph

Humidity          +0.57%

Dew Point        -6.80°

Degree Days    +166.5

Barometer       +2.26mb

To view my compilation of Lowest Pressures recorded in The Atlantic Basin click HERELowest_Pressure_in_Atlantic_Basin.htmlLowest_Pressure_in_Atlantic_Basin.htmlshapeimage_1_link_0

Difference from 2016

High Temp         +6.54°

Low Temp          +5.90°

Avg. Temp         +6.23°

Precip.               +3.16”

Snow                     --

High Gust          +3.30 mph

Humidity            -1.67%

Dew Point          +6.11°

Barometer          -0.49mb

Degree Days      -189.9

October Notes...

    The weather got interesting for everybody else in October, for me is was just another ‘wow’ moment that made me check the data entries an extra two times.  Had a theory about storm and power outage at the end of month.  That is addressed at end of this entry.

    The average temp was the story. However, the continuing trend still remains the story.  I will touch on this for each month of the year in the annual weather summary.


       The average October temp actually moved up almost 0.4° from this year alone.  That is huge!

    The thing I spotted instantly in the spreadsheet was the over 50° mark. First 10 years there was two, next ten years there was six. (2006 was barely under the 50° mark.)

    Anyway for those who do not see the trend in the above monthly chart, here is a a moving trend graph:

    The start point is the 1998 and 1999 October avg temp added and divided by 2, next mark is 98-99-00 added divide by 3, and so on to the final point which is all divide by 20.  The high and low graph numbers was what my computer chose where I made the graph.  I probably would have chosen 46 as the entry point, but was not going to redo it because it was simply to show a trend that I saw in the raw data.

  There were 5 daily record highs set.  No record low temps were set.  The year stands at 33 record highs and 5 record lows, through October 31.  November did continue the trend, but that’s next month.

    October started out for the first 3 weeks continuing the drought we have been in for most of the year, then the first well needed system reached us.  In 58 hours we received 4.60” of rain, which 3.09” falling on the 25th.

    I think this exasperated what happened a few days later...

    A strong front approached from the west on the 29th.  It brought more rain, before midnight the wind had picked up but there were no gusts over 30mph.  The front pulled in energy from tropical storm Phillippe out in the Atlantic to deepen even quicker and further.  Winds howled in the early morning hours with many gust over 30mph, topping 40mph around 7a.m.  We lost power here just before 1 a.m. Which was interesting.  The top gusts of 51 mph happened around 9 a.m.

    So my thoughts at the time regarding the all the trees that blew down centered on the fact that many still had leaves on them (a bit late in the season for that) but with gusts below 40mph to lose power I thought the driest summer in my 20 yeasrs of weather data played a part.

    Back in the drought that struck Texas several years ago I read that people were watering the ground around their homes because the dirt was drying out so much it pulled away from the structure and foundations were cracking.  That amazed me at the time.  I thought that same type of mechanism would be at work with the trees in northern New England.  The dirt would pull away from the tree roots and the roots would contract/dry up/die.  This would be like the tree letting go of its grip.  Add that rain from a few days earlier and the very top inches of the soil would have loosened up from the hard pack that had developed... and we had the largest power outage in decades.

   Anyway, on Wednesday a story came up on AP that meant I did not need to throw my theory at a meteorologist to check the validity. Here is the link:


    One note on the number without power exceeding the 1998 Ice Storm: the ice storm did not hit the major population centers in Southern Maine, where this did.  Cumberland County had the most customers without power, almost 100,000, but Waldo County had near the highest percentage without power about 90%.  Cumberland County was about 60%.  On Nov. 5 there are still 14,912 Central Maine Power customers still without power, 72 of which are in Liberty....almost 10%.  Our power came back on here in the evening on Halloween.  It is a slight benefit to live on a main power line. Stickney Hill did not get power back for awhile after that because of a line down across the road near the top of the hill.


Season snowfall amounts:

(Highest to Lowest)

’14-’15     148.25”

'07-'08    135.90"

'00-'01    126.98"

'10-'11    125.10"

’12-’13    100.70"

’16-’17      93.65 "

'08-'09      90.25"

'01-'02      85.15"

’13-’14      82.95"

'06-'07      82.65"

'03-'04      78.75"

'98-'99      78.65"

'09-'10      78.45"

'02-'03      74.00"

’11-’12      68.70"

'99-'00      64.90"

'05-'06      50.35"

’15-’16       50.10"

'04-'05      44.77"

Nineteen season

average: 87.38"

Liberty Weather, October 2017

2015 Weather Summary2015_Weather.html

October Rankings

(out of 20):

High Temp  1st

Low Temp 1st

Avg Temp 1st

Precip   4th

Snow --

Avg Top Wind 7th

Humidity  12th

Dew Point 1st

2017 Vs. Average

High Temp    +7.88°

Low Temp     +6.67°

Avg. Temp     +7.28°

Precip.           -1.95”

Snow             -1.17”

High Gust    +0.85mph

Humidity       -1.37%

Dew Point     +6.70°

Blueberry field at sunset near the top of Pinnacle Road.

2017 Averages

High Temp              64.88°

Low Temp               48.57°

Avg. Temp               56.73°

Precip                        6.86”

Snow                           --

High Wind Gust       19.90 mph

Humidity                    73.40%

Dew Point                  47.77° 

Barometer           1016.20 mb

Red= record high since 1998

Blue= record low since 1998

*= All-time

20 Year Avg.

High Temp     57.00°

Low Temp      41.90°

Avg. Temp      49.46°

Precip.             4.91”

Snow               1.17”

High Gust      19.05mph

Humidity        74.77%

Dew Point      41.07°

(avg 1998-2017)