Difference from last month (Dec 2018)

High Temp      -5.82°

Low Temp       -7.03°

Avg. Temp      -6.42°

Precip.             +2.67”

Snow               +21.00”

High Gust        +1.55mph

Humidity          -0.34%

Dew Point        -7.16°

H Degree Days +199.05

C Deg Days      0

Barometer       -2.58mb

Difference from 2018

High Temp         -0.65°

Low Temp          -1.03°

Avg. Temp         -0.84°

Precip.               +0.41”

Snow                 +9.45”

High Gust          -0.78 mph

Humidity            -0.18%

Dew Point          -1.80°

Degree Days    +26.05

Cooling Days         0

Barometer          -3.97mb

Season snowfall amounts:

(Highest to Lowest)

’14-’15     148.25”

'07-'08    135.90"

'00-'01    126.98"

'10-'11    125.10"

’17-’18    108.15"

’12-’13    100.70"

’16-’17      93.65 "

'08-'09      90.25"

'01-'02      85.15"

’13-’14      82.95"

'06-'07      82.65"

'03-'04      78.75"

'98-'99      78.65"

'09-'10      78.45"

'02-'03      74.00"

’11-’12      68.70" ’18-’19      68.00"

'99-'00      64.90"

'05-'06      50.35"

’15-’16       50.10"

'04-'05      44.77"

(thru Feb 18)

Twenty season

average: 88.43"

Liberty Weather, January 2019

2018 Vs. Average

High Temp     -0.24°

Low Temp     -2.32°

Avg. Temp     -1.28°

Precip.           +2.86”

Snow             +10.67”

High Gust      -1.46mph

Humidity        +1.34%

Dew Point      -1.11°

Degree Days    +39.01

Cooling Days       0

Stickney Hill, Liberty

2019 Averages

High Temp             28.03°

Low Temp               11.25°

Avg. Temp               19.64°

Precip.                       5.39”

Snow                       31.00”

High Wind Gust       20.03mph

Humidity                    70.82%

Dew Point                  10.96°

Degree Days           1406.10

Cooling Deg Days         0

Barometer            1012.86 mb

Red= record high since 1998

Blue= record low since 1998

20 Year Avg.

High Temp      28.27°

Low Temp       13.57°

Avg. Temp       20.92°

Precip.               2.53”

Snow                20.33”

High Gust         21.49mph

Humidity           69.48%

Dew Point         12.07°

Degree Days     1367.09

Cooling Days           0

(avg 1998-2017)

January Notes...

    It was an interesting month.

    The days of precip was the most interesting part.  Snow flurries I don’t count as a day of precip even though I log their occurrence.  However a trace of snow does count. Pretty much a snow amount that covers the ground but is less than 0.10” is a trace.  I grabbed a screen shot of my weather spreadsheet to show how the 18 days played out.  Note of the 13 days without precip, seven of them were a chunk which allowed for my birthday bike ride.

There was four days with a trace in the final week of the month.  There may have been days with flurries that I missed, but I do need to sleep.  I also do not log the lowest windchill of each day.  Tried that in the early years but due to software limits it meant reading the data each day near midnight.

    The total precip for the month beat the top spot in 1999 by 0.40” and last January by 0.41”.  NOAA data graphic for precipitation in January for Maine has Liberty in the 6” range.  This graphic is generated by satellite and/or radar composite and is not quite perfected yet, in my opinion.  It is possible that the moisture content of the blizzard which gave Liberty mostly sleet may have been higher on the radar/satellite interpretation.  I don’t even recall getting sleet for over 10 hours before. It was a strange storm.  If it had fallen as snow the monthly snow record most probably would have also fallen.

    In the daily temperature readings there were no records highs.  Two record lows set on the 12th and 29th.  Those were the only two days in January that had not gone sub-zero in my data.  Now it is just January 12th with a record low of 1.1°.   Continuing the cold winter trend there were no records set for a warm low temp but three records were set for a cold high temp.  Breakdown:  no record warm temps and five record cold temps for the month.

    Fifteen year average barometer is 1011.42mb.  This year was 1.44mb above that.

    The start of the month was calmer than the second half, but I also installed a new anemometer (wind gage) on January 19.  When I have to replace this weather station I need to decide if I stay with Davis who I have had since the start.  When Davis Weatherlink software stopped supporting the Macintosh OS years ago it created a problem.  I keep my iMac from 2004 to download the data. I move it to a MacBook (with broken screen glass) to look at.  However I cannot install it in my ‘newest’ Mac.  I do not upgrade the broken Mac OS so I can use the Weatherlink software.  Of course if Weatherlink moves away from the Mac PowerPC format they still sell then I stay with Davis.

    Why don’t I stream the data online?  I have seen many gaps people get with interrupted by power failures or website glitches, never mind I do not wand to have to go online to see my own data. Include the fact I have to buy a $200 device to set it up anyway.  So why looking at next options ahead of time, this system works.  I know the PC programs actually have functions that currently take me more time to collate.

January Rankings

(out of 22):

High Temp  14th

Low Temp 17th

Avg Temp 16th

Precip  1st

Snow  5th

Avg Top Wind 18th

Humidity  11th

Dew Point 15th

Degree Days  7th

Cooling Days  --

Barometer 5th (out of 16)



98 99  00 01  02 03  04  05  06 07 08  09 10  11 12  13  14 15  16 17  18

Daily Data

High Temp              48.6° (1/24)

Low Temp               -1.2° (1/21)

Top Rain Storm      2.21" (1/24)

Top Snow Storm    11.5" (1/19-20)

High Wind Gust      39 mph (1/24)

Lowest Windchill   -17° (1/20)

High Dew Point      48.6° (1/24)     

Low Dew Point       -15.3° (1/19)

Barometer  H/L      1031.5/982.3

Precipitation Days    18

98 99  00  01 02  03 04  05 06  07 08  09 10  11 12  13  14 15  16 17  18

20 year average